I need a Check-Up

At Bay Arcade Dental, we recommend regular dental check-ups for both children and adults. Regular check-ups allow us to catch any problems with your teeth early so we can treat them right away and avoid complications down the track. Our check-ups include comprehensive exam of teeth, screening for oral cancer, jaw and bite problems.

By starting regular check-ups at an early age with children, before they get cavities, they can get used to the dentist chair and see the different tools a dentist may use without being scared or having bad experiences. This will become a good start to creating a lifelong habit of them caring for their teeth.

Catching problems early, or preventing them from happening at all by getting regular checkups will cost you less in the long run, and save you the discomfort of having major dental work done. Special Offer Available!

Our Mission

Our team is committed to providing our patients with a state of the art dental experience in a caring, respectful and passionate environment.