I have a Cavity

Although it might be uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to come in to the dentist as soon as you notice you have a cavity, even if it isn't hurting. If you do this, you can prevent the cavity from getting larger. This means you may save time, money and the avoid more complicated procedures.

Most of the time, we can fix your cavities with a simple filling, where we fill the cavity with a tooth-coloured material called composit. If the cavity is quite large, we might need to do a different type of filling made of tooth-coloured porcelain or gold to give extra strength to your tooth.

If the cavity covers a lot of your tooth, we might need to do a crown, where we remove the decayed parts of your tooth and place a cap made of the same porcelain or gold on the top of your tooth that is shaped exactly how your tooth used to be. This is done over two appointments to give us time to make the crown shape just right.

Our Mission

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